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XPLICIT Assistance
XPLICIT Assistance

XPLICIT Assistance is a male entertainment store specializing in high quality leather harnesses, fetish wear and BDSM gear. It is located in Sydney and offers Australia-wide shipping.

XPLCIT Assistance became an overnight-mover-and-shaker that rose rapidly on the list of preferred retailers of male leather, fetish and BDSM-gear, and started with a clear objective – to provide Australia’s fetish industry a level of detail and prestige currently overlooked by the market.

Steering away from the typical retail model, the business’s core goal is to deliver clientele a consultative and tailored shopping experience that ultimately delivers the products best suited to one’s needs. XPLICIT Assistance isn’t driven by increased profit through up-sells, clearance sales that come from over-stocking shelves, or looking for supplier bargains over high-quality stock.

To ensure that XPLICIT Assistance is consistent in achieving its core business goal, it stocks only the highest quality leather & fabrics, considering quality over cost; ensures full discretion not only from enquiry through to the delivery of your purchase, but in any off-chance discussions or group conversations, be they business dealings or not; carries a one week delivery guarantee on special orders; and, encourages customers to provide explicit feedback of the XPLCIT experience, to continually develop services for the better.

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