Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL) [Edit]

Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL) is a Dallas, Texas-based leather title that has been awarded annually since 2011. Known as a working title, the titleholder is expected to experience and chronicle Women’s Leather history throughout their title year. Winners are expected to seek out women that are willing to share their stories and their lives, they conduct interviews that are archived and preserved.

The producers of WILL have stated the title is “based on love. The love of women’s leather history; love of women and their energy; and having the heart to preserve the legacies of the women who have come before us and continue to pave the way for Leatherwomen.”

The title is awarded based on an interview in front of a judging panel, an onstage question, personal dynamic, a personal interview with a community-member, and an historical presentation. The latter two criteria make the contest unique among leather titles.

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