Wicked Women [Edit]

Wicked Women magazine
Wicked Women: There’s no stopping us now!, 1990, ink on paper by Gurney, Records of Wicked Women, Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA)

Wicked Women (1988-1996) was Australia’s first lesbian sex magazine, established by Francine Laybutt and Lisa Salmon. Inspired by American lesbian sex magazine ‘On our backs’, Wicked Women was created to fill, as they put it, the “gaping hole” in women’s erotica, and promised “a forum for erotic ideas and… hot, one-handed reading”. The first issue was a 28-page, A4, black and white, with a pictorial cover, and sold for $4. It included poetry, personal classifieds, and features exploring lesbian sexual fetish. Subsequent issues grew in size and cover price, peaking at 60 pages for $8, with up to 1000 copies printed.