Van Darkholme (born 1972), also known by the nickname VAN-sama (Japanese: VAN様) and TDN Kosugi [Edit]

Van Darkholme (born 1972), also known by the nicknames VAN-sama (Japanese: VAN様) and TDN Kosugi, is among the few Asian-American men working in Western gay porn as a director and actor (he is Vietnamese-American). He has done other work as well, mostly bondage-related.

Notable Work

Darkholme’s book of bondage photography, Male Bondage, was published by Bruno Gmünder in June 2006.

In 2008 Darkholme created for Peter Acworth, the founder of

Since 2020 Van has been regularly streaming on Twitch and also started a YouTube channel.

Notable Media Appearances

In 2017, a character based on him had a main role in the fan-made visual novel Deep Dark Fantasies. Also in 2017, a fan-made Deep Dark Fantasy video game was created based on his character.

Together with other porn actors and personalities such as Billy Herrington he has frequently been featured in Gachimuchi internet memes, gaining considerable notoriety in Japanese video-sharing website Niconico, in which he is often referred to by the nickname VAN-sama or TDN Kosugi. Van has reacted positively to these memes and featured his favorite one on his personal blog.

In film:

  • 1999 Lords of the Locker Room (as a leatherman in a bondage harness)
  • 2002 House of Detention

(All below are produced by Muscle Bound Productions)

  • 2001 White Rope
  • 2002 Black Rope
  • 2004 Raw Rope
  • 2004 Bondo Gods, Vol. 1
  • 2004 Bondo Gods, Vol. 2
  • 2005 Van-Nilla Reloaded
  • 2005 Rear Window
  • 2005 Once Upon a Time Reloaded
  • 2005 Bondo Gods, Vol. 3
  • 2005 Bondo Gods, Vol. 4
  • 2006 Bondo Gods, Vol. 5
  • 2007 Anatomy of Bondage
  • 2008 Bondo Gods, Vol. 6
  • 2008 Bondo Gods, Vol. 7