Tina Maravilla (also known as Sarge) [Edit]


Sarge, displaying the IMsL 2015 medallion. Photo Courtesy of Scott B Smith
IMsL 2015, Tina Maravilla, also known as Sarge (born January 6), is now a Phoenix based titleholder. They are a mental health and LGBT advocate. They are also a Harley-Davidson riding, leather loving futch (femme-butch).



Sarge has a BS in Biochemistry from California State University Channel Islands. They later began their Masters of Education when they won Ms. San Diego Leather and decided to take some time off from school.


Leather Community

Sarge entered the leather community just after a divorce in 2009. Their first event was a munch in San Diego’s North County area. Things all fell into place after that for them. They quickly grew in experience and popularity around the San Diego Area. In 2013 they attended their first leather event, Southwest Leather Conference, and was hooked. She knew that she had found home in an accepting community full of diverse and loving people. Later winning the title of Ms. San Diego Leather 2014, they went on to win the prestigious title of International Ms. Leather 2015.

During their IMsL year:

While attending IML a gentleman was chatting with them about contests, life, love, etc. Later that evening he drove home and took his life. The idea that he felt unsafe to talk to Sarge in those moments were heart breaking. A group on facebook has just formed called You Are Not Alone… something Sarge was familiar with hearing in the ARMY. They took this message and combined it into a dog tag campaign that advocated speaking up to someone when negative thoughts enter your mind. The idea behind the campaign is that someone wearing the dog tag was open to having a conversation with someone that needed to talk. The goal is to reduce stigma around speaking about mental health, so that fewer lives are taken and suicide rates reduce.

Sarge travelled over 100,000 miles during their International Ms. Leather title year. raising funds (beyond the travel fund) to do so through lapel pin sales, their leather work, and generous donations from companies all over the world.

Sarge, displaying the IMsL 2015 sash. Photo Courtesy of Scott B Smith
IMsL 2015, Sarge