The School of Advanced Dynamic Education (SADE) [Edit]

An image of SADE's logo.

SADE, SADEclasses, formerly The School of Austin Advanced D/s Education (SAADE), is a global not-for-profit kink and BDSM dynamic education initiative. It was established in Austin, Texas in 2001, offering local, advanced-level BDSM play and demo classes. Until its organizational restructure and rebrand in 2022 to expand to a global audience and focus on power and authority dynamics specifically, SA(A)DE was solely Leather-centric and its classes were about general BDSM concepts.

SADE hosts virtual classes on BDSM power and authority based dynamics in an inclusive, accessible, safe, and consent-focused environment. Instructors are vetted, compensated for their time and experience, and the organization donates proceeds to charity annually.