The Leatherpedia Project [Edit]

The Leatherpedia Logo
Leatherpedia Logo

The Leatherpedia Project refers to the website and its dedicated community of contributors, who work to memorialize and chronicle the global kink community in an easy-to-use online encyclopedia. The Leatherpedia Project was founded in April 2017 by Patrick Smith, International Mr. Leather 2015. Smith purchased and relaunched the defunct domain, creating a new, cleaner user interface and an experience optimized for mobile devices.


The mission of the Leatherpedia Project is to ensure that nobody’s legacy in the BDSM community, the leather community, or other kink communities is ever forgotten. By memorializing the contributions of notable kinky individuals, clubs, businesses, events and others, Leatherpedia ensures a historical record that will live forever. It is a project by the kink community, for the community.


The Leatherpedia logo bears the name of the project in a straightforward serif font, and is underlined with handkerchiefs of various colors which represent the diversity of knowledge within the project and site.

Business Model

The Leatherpedia Project is a non-profit organization for the benefit of community charities and institutions. Revenue from advertisements is used to fund the maintenance, operations and future development costs of the site, after which the remainder is donated to community partners.