The Leather Almanac – Introduction [Edit]

By Cory David, Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors 2020/2021

Is Leather Calling? How Do We Answer?

I am introducing my new monthly article with an understanding it comes with a huge responsibility in bringing a definitive view of the leather and fetish community to our readers. It serves to inform everyone of this community in an open forum that can lend different perspectives and new understanding of the lifestyle to our readers. A greater knowledge of the this community brings it to the forefront, allows for more open dialogue, and in turn, a greater appreciation for the passion of those who live it. This article serves to provide resources from and information to and about our local venues, pillars of the leather community, wear and fashion, local top craftspeople, national and international news, and a shared history directly from the Leather Archives and Museum. It will also include leather community interviews from some of the most influential brothers and sisters from around the world, new title holders, updates leading up to International Mr. Leather (IML), and other competitions.

This highly anticipated article has been created to share the evolution of the community and how the leather movement was formed, through the stories of the past, from the pillars of the leather and fetish community, what it means to us, and how it was defined by these founders of love and leather. It will provide aspects from the traditional movements, to the newest thoughts, and how and why they came to be, by visiting moments in time that weren’t as comfortable as we would have wished, to the moments of a new generation and what they believe it means to them. This forum will explore, inform, and showcase some of the most amazing stories from the past, present, and future of the struggles to be heard, the fight against HIV/AIDS, and the freedoms of equality from the ones that have lived it! This may be a new realization for some of the readers or simply monthly updates for the others active in the community.

I am passionate about our community and excited to be a part of the OutClique family. With that, I will promise to our community to always keep an open mind and heart. I am here to share the stories of the past, from those that came before me, and the direction of our future from those making an evolutionary change in our community. I hope to hear from you, our readers, of your feedback and always open to new ideas from the community.

Agree or disagree, laugh or frown, be together or apart, this is what an open forum should be. I hope with our readers, there will be more agreement, more laughter, and more together. If there are times that push you to disagree, to frown, or to be apart, know that it is understood, and that’s ok, too. This presents an opportunity for me to learn, as well to provide new perspectives and new ways to contribute further to our lifestyle, to our agreement, and to our together.

Thank you,

Cory David

Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors