The HardPink Sisterhood [Edit]

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 About Us:

The purpose of the HardPink Sisterhood (HPS) is to bring together LeatherBDSMKink aware, self identified women and non binary folx who find comfort and camaraderie in women’s spaces. The members of this group all enjoy similar philosophies with a focus on community spirit, service, support and promoting a positive self-image.

HPS will not discriminate against any gender expression, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity. HardPink Sisterhood will promote camaraderie, safety, mentorship, and education through socials, friendships, community activities, attendance at lifestyle events, through online posts and discussion among members.

Our patch of pink lips and skull and crossbones is worn so that women in the community can find us when and if needed and to represent our sisterhood.  The design came from a situation the Founder had with her boy in a dungeon; she pulled out pink toys to use on him and he said pink was not hard enough for him…he found out just how “hard” pink was!

HardPink has sponsored Spring Fling LeatherFest, Fall Fantasy KinkFest, Southwest Leather Conference, South Plains LeatherFest, Northwest Leather Conference, the Power Exchange Summit, Women’s International Leather Legacy, the Bootblack Round Up, Shenanigans in Florida, and many more.  The HardPink Board is open to sponsoring any Kink or Leather event to show we support women everywhere, just email us. We also run a sister produced event called Sisters Empowering Evolving and Networking (SEEN).  This event had it’s first run in Florida on June 29th 2019 produced by Amaia Little (co producer of the Florida Power Exchange) and from there will expand to any city/state sisters want to produce it in (ie SEEN in Seattle, SEEN in DC, etc).  We also absolutely love making and donating items for baskets to our Sisters running for various titles including the Olympus Leather titles, Power Exchange titles, Master/slave titles, Ms and Mx leather titles, and more.

We support women’s issues in mainstream society such as battered women’s shelters, breast cancer awareness, and continuing women’s education. So far, we have donated items to women’s shelters, collected toys for children’s hospitals and participated in walks for breast cancer awareness, crocheted hats for premie babies and cancer patients to name a few.

Each sister participates in their own way. Some might simply share knowledge to a new community member while others organize fundraisers helping women’s and community causes. From giving great hugs to volunteering at women’s shelters, there is a place for every woman in the HardPink Sisterhood.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is twofold:
1. To provide comradery, a safe space, mentorship, education and friendship to any individual who identifies as a lifestyle woman or non binary person.
2. To provide community service within and outside the Leather/BDSM/Kink community at large.


The HardPink Sisterhood was founded by Master Bella Price originally in Slidell, Louisiana in 2013.  Initially we began with a goal of supporting each other and our local community women.  Today we have over 100 members from Alaska to Virginia and several in Canada.  We hope to expand to a chapter or chapters in each state to guarantee women all over the country have a support system, a shoulder to lean on, and a safe place to be of service.

On top of empowering women, many Sisters teach relationship/dynamic, BDSM skills, and spirituality classes. Feel free to message the board if you would like to reach out to the many female presenters we have in our ranks.

Contact Us:

 Email the President/board

Our Facebook group for prospective sisters

Our FetLife group