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Tea Ferret
Tea Ferret
Mr. South Coast Olympus Leather 2016/17

Tea Ferret is a Florida-based titleholder. He was born in October 1979 in Vancouver, WA into a Navy family with a multiracial background. He settled in Jacksonville, FL in 1983.

Ferret came into leather and fetish in 1998 by way of the local goth scene, music, and literature such as Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series. He came into activism as a Pagan and member of the LGBT community fighting against conservative Christian oppression and opposition.

Ferret helped reform the Jacksonville Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans in the summer of 2000. In 2001, he was one of the main points of contact on the Pagan Pride Day planning team. Ferret was also one of the founding members of the Jacksonville Pagan Pride Alliance.

Tea Ferret
Tea Ferret

Ferret became more active in the Leather/Fetish community outside of Jacksonville, FL in 2013 with his first ever con attendance, DomCon ATL. There he met his Ma’am, Shae Flanigan. He joined House of Hollusta after SELF 2014.

Ferret was brought into Mama’s Family as Mama’s Bitey Ferret after Mama’s Southern Family Reunion. In 2016, he was asked to be Mr. South Coast Olympus, as the region was reforming. Ferret lives for activism, volunteering, and community outreach.

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