Sydney Leather Pride Association [Edit]

Sydney Leather Pride Association
Sydney Leather Pride Association

Sydney Leather Pride Association Inc was established in mid 1991 by gay men and lesbian women, businesses and clubs to promote Leather Pride, the main focus of which was Leather Pride Week in early May.

In addition to the Leather Pride Week, key events have included the Leather Pride Fair Day (initially also known as Forbes Street Fair Day), Leather Person of the Year, Bob Buckley Memorial Lecture, Impact art exhibition, Inquisition, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, Leather Cruise etc.


The aims of the Association shall be to:

Sydney Leather Price
Sydney Leather Pride Association logo, 2012.

a) Be supportive of the gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender leather and BDSM community.
b) Promote an interest in Leather through community activity.
c) Encourage fellowship and interchange amongst its members.
d) Promote good public relations and encourage a general public acceptance and understanding of the leather lifestyle.
e) Conduct events, including an annual Sydney Leather Pride Week, in furtherance of the above purposes, either by itself or in conjunction with other invited organisations.
f) Promote an interest in the preservation of our natural environment and heritage.
g) Engage in and promote community and charitable service activities and
h) Engage in all activities that give effect to the above aims.

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