SlaveCraft [Edit]


SlaveCraft is a 2002 book by “a grateful slave” with Guy Baldwin. The full title of the book is:  SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude, principles, skills and tools.

Guy Baldwin, author of Ties That Bind, joins forces with a grateful slave to produce this gripping and personal account on the subject of consensual slavery.  Philosophical and intense, SlaveCraft dares to delve beneath the surface of D/s relationships and gives us an intimate and revealing view from a rare perspective – that of a slave.  The authors examine the psychology and spirituality behind the Master/slave dynamic, and the result is a book that is resourceful, thought provoking and sexually charged.  Beautifully written and intriguing, SlaveCraft is sure to leave an impact.

Although there is not one way to develop and live Master/slave relationships, many in the M/s Community consider SlaveCraft the best book on authority-based relationships, or the closest thing to be the “bible”.

Accolades for SlaveCraft

“The book is unique, and brilliantly so, shedding new clarity upon the area of human sexuality considered murky or misguided by most…  SlaveCraft delivers the unexpected impact of a spiritual treatise, so while there is much discussion of specific attitudes and behaviors, the sum of its contents presents depthfulness beyond the details.  One need not be a devotee or even particularly interested in the lifestyle of erotic servitude to be profoundly engaged by these writings”.

Mark Thompson, editor of Leatherfolk

“I believe that SlaveCraft is an important book, one that can teach us more about manifesting our core desires in real relationships.  As a therapist I see over and over again how reparative it is when people find affirming relationships.  And I also see what a struggle can be for anyone, or any gender identity, sexual orientation or erotic persuasion, to find that level of intimacy.”

Patrick Califia