Shae Flanigan [Edit]

Shae Flanigan.
Shae Flanigan
Ms. Sanctuary 2014

Shae Flanigan is a Los Angeles-based producer and titleholder.

Flanigan was born in 1981 in Spokane, Washington, to parents of Irish and Polish descent. She got her start in the leather community at the age of 15 by falling into a D/s relationship with her boyfriend, with Flanigan taking the Dominant role.

Flanigan entered the lifestyle permanently at the age of 18, when she joined the Center for Sex and Culture. In 2008, she moved to Los Angeles and left her career to become a professional dominant. Her studio was called The Academy, where she hosted and taught a variety of play parties and workshops for the women’s and pan community. In 2009 Flanigan became involved with the women’s Leather community.

Flanigan continued teaching and speaking at colleges, clubs and events (OCC & CSULB), Threshold, Club X, Dragons Gate,) IMsL DESIRE, Kink in the Caribbean, The Hard Edge, and various other events, both nationally and internationally.

In 2013, Flanigan competed in the 2013 SoCal Leatherwoman contest, where Naria Jordan won the title. In 2014, BDSM club Sanctuary held the very first Ms. Sanctuary contest – the first hybrid between Leather and Domme. Flanigan won the title to become Ms. Sanctuary 2014. At the prompting of her title producer, Cyan St, James, to create a female version of the Los Angeles Band of Brothers, Flanigan formed The Southland Title Sisters with the current SoCal Leather woman, and the current Ms. San Diego, uniting LA, Orange County and San Diego.  Flanigan is now President Emeritas and STS chapters are starting around the country.

During her 2015 step aside speech Flanigan pledged to bring back Ms. Los Angeles Leather, and in January of 2016 Flanigan resurrected and produced the Ms. Los Angeles Leather title, which had been dormant for 17 years. Now, two years later, Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2017 is just starting her year and Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2016 is about to compete at IMsL.