Rubber Pride Flag [Edit]

Rubber Pride Flag.
Rubber Pride Flag

The Rubber Pride Flag, also known as the latex pride flag is a symbol used by members of the rubber and latex fetish community. It was designed in 1994 by Peter Tolos and Scott Moats. The rubber pride flag is similar to the leather pride flag, as a symbol representing the community.


The flag was designed by Tolos and Moats in 1994, “as a means to identifying like-minded men and reflects the sensory, sensual, and mental passion we have for rubber.”

The flags has three colors: black, red and yellow. The black represents “our lust for the look and feel for shiny black rubber.” The red represents “our blood passion for rubber and rubbermen.” The yellow represents “our drive for intense rubber play and fantasies.” The chevron is meant to represent kinkiness.