Robert J. Rubel, also known as Dr. Bob [Edit]

Robert J. Rubel (born Robert Jack Rubel II, 1944) also known as “Dr. Bob“, is an American author and educational speaker. He specializes in the area of alternative sexuality, especially BDSM; he is the author of many books on the subject.

From 2007 to 2008, Rubel was the managing editor of Power Exchange Magazine. The publisher, Herbert Moseley, used the author pseudonym “Robert Steele”. Nine volumes were published. The volumes included: Master/slave Relations, male Master (2006) ISBN 978-1887895880; Master/slave Relations, female Master (2007) ISBN 978-1887895897; Bootblacking (2007); FemDomme (2007) ISBN 978-1887895910; Pony Play (2007); Polyamory (2007); Daddy/boy (2007); Leather Spirituality (2007); and Pup/Trainer (2007).

Since 2007, Rubel has presented, including making keynote speeches, at alternative sexuality conferences and weekend workshops in the US, Canada and Australia. More recently, he co-hosts a weekly Zoom room that discusses issues related to Master/slave theory and practice.

Since 2014, Rubel has been the lead author for eight books on communication and/or BDSM. Before 2014, Rubel’s books were published by the Nazca Plains publishing house.

Rubel has also been a judge for leather contests.


Rubel was the recipient of the 2008 Pantheon of Leather’s Community Choice Award (man).