Piffko [Edit]

Piffko is a Polish term and is the name of an event organized yearly during Folsom Europe in Berlin. Piffko is an annual gathering of the Polish fetish community. Under such name it started for the very first time in 2013.

A group of Polish leathermen with support from a Polish gay and fetish shop decided to organize Piffko at one of Berlin’s bars. The first Piffko attracted about 200 men. Piffko became a very popular event. Many sash holders attend Piffko to express their solidarity with the Polish gay and fetish scene.

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“Piffko” sounds almost like “piwko” which is a Polish word for “beer”; however to show that it is a “fetish” event, instead of “w” there are the letters “FF” in the middle of the name. Alternative ways to write piffko are piFFko and PIFFKO.