Piffko [Edit]

Piffko is a Polish term and is the name of an event organized yearly during Folsom Europe in Berlin. Piffko is an annual gathering of a Polish Fetish Community. Under such name it started for the very first time in 2013.

A group of Polish lethermen with a support of a Polish gay and fetish shop decided to organize piffko at one of the Berlin’s bars. The first piffko attracted about 200 fetish men. Piffko bacame a very popular event. Many sash holders attand piffko to express their solidarity with a Polish gay and fetish scene.

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Alternative spelling for piffko: piFFko, PIFFKO.

Linguistic conotations

“piFFko” sounds almost like “piwko” which is a Polish word for “beer” however to show a factor of being a “fetish” event instead of “w” there are letters “FF” in the middle of the name. Some may think those letters “FF” mean a sexual practice.