Pat Bond, born Walter Allen Campbell [Edit]

Pat Bond (1926-2021), born Walter Allen Campbell, cofounded The Eulenspiegel Society with Fran Nowve (also known as Terry Kolb) in 1971. The Eulenspiegel Society was the first BDSM organization founded in the United States.


Bond placed an ad in Screw magazine in December 1970, reading:

“Masochist? Happy? Is it curable? Does psychiatry help? Is a satisfactory life-style possible? There’s women’s lib, black lib, gay lib, etc. Isn’t it time we put something together?”

The ad also ran in the East Village Other. Fran Nowve, using the name Terry Kolb, was the first person to answer the ad. Bond and her began The Eulenspiegel Society in New York City in 1971, and she came up with its name. It was originally for masochists, but in August 1971 the society’s members voted to include sadists in the organization.

Some of the first few meetings of The Eulenspiegel Society were in Bond’s apartment.

The Eulenspiegel Society’s ad that ran in Screw and the East Village Other was refused by The Village Voice, as they would not advertise SM. Bond, Nowve, and others picketed The Village Voice due to this. In May 1971, The Village Voice printed Nowve’s piece called “Masochist’s Lib”, which was a position statement for The Eulenspiegel Society and, together with Eulenspiegel‘s Creed (mostly written by Bond circa 1973) made up the political platform of The Eulenspiegel Society.


In 1992, Pat Bond received the Steve Maidhof Award for National or International Work from the National Leather Association  – International.

In 2015 Pat Bond and Fran Nowve were inducted together into the Leather Hall of Fame; Fran was inducted under the name Terry Kolb.