Party and Play (PnP) [Edit]

Party and Play refers to the oftentimes controversial kink of mixing drugs (party) with sex (play).  Drugs of choice vary based on geographic region, but generally consist of some combination of methamphetamine, GHB (a barbituate), ketamine, or MDMA. While marijuana or alcohol is considered a drug by law enforcement (depending upon juristiction), just as these other harder substances are, individuals seeking PnP are rarely in the mood for lighter drugs and often resort to harsher substances.

The focus of this article is to focus on PnP as a kink, not to give the reader an introduction to drug culture.  Drug culture oftentimes varies by location and substance used, and there are resources for learning more about individual drugs on other online resources (such as Erowid or Project Bluelight).

Regular drug use during sex the (particularly meth) will result in an increased co-dependence between the two and have caused regular users to often report issues getting/staying aroused while sober. Due to legal restrictions in several jurisdictions, usage is forbidden in most sex clubs / leather and kink organizations / and bathhouses, which forces users to oftentimes resort to using in small groups. Users commonly binge for days at a time without sleep, often neglecting their daily obligations while engaging in risky behaviors involving both sex and drugs.

Hanky Codes and Biker Culture

Leather culture has roots in the biker gangs of yore, where the term ‘crank’ was coined by the often hidden transport of methamphetamine in the crank cases of motorcycles.  Additionally, as part of any counter culture, a general disrespect for law and an appreciation for headspace can be found for those practicing various degrees of kink/leather usage.  Drugs and aphrodisiacs naturally come with this.

Drug use has it’s own non traditional hanky code ‘zip lock baggy’, but also has ties to the more colloquial orange hanky code (which means ‘anything goes’).  It should not be interpreted that those who wear orange are interested in drug use, or that it is even considered a kink by the user, but the roots of this orange color are rumored to have ties to the safety orange color found on common insulin syringe caps (as users under the influence have their inhibitions strongly lowered). Additionally, it should not be inferred that the purple hanky (for piercing) refers to IV drug users, but rather for those interested in piercing, including the practice of needle play.

Route of Administration

Even for those who practice this kink, various routes of administration are oftentimes shunned.  IV users tend to prefer to spend time with other IV users, while those who smoke stay with those who smoke.  Stigma caused by years of the US War on Drugs, along with the burgeoning AIDS crisis have forced many more hardcore users into underground communities.

Hardcore users of substances may also find the administration of drugs erotic in and of themselves.  Hardcore IV drug users oftentimes refer to the ritual of preparing a shot as being calming, and various sites do exist for users to share their user openly… oftentimes on pornographic sites where the drugs are as erotic as sexual acts themselves can be.

Harm Reduction Resources

For those who looking to quit or lower their usage, there are many resources available.  Keep in mind that social services in some communities may be very accepting (such as safe injection techniques at kink workshops), while others may criminalize even syringes as possession of drug paraphernalia.

  •  – A site which focuses primarily on Harm Reduction methodologies.  They are based in the San Francisco area.
  •   – A group which provides literature and information on Harm Reduction for various chemicals.
  • – Narcotics Anonymous, a “12-step” program towards quitting use entirely.

Additionally, many sex/kink organizations throw events specifically for those looking to get away from substance of abuse (of any kind).  SteamWorks (a gay bathhouse) in Berkley for instance throws intermittent “13th Step” parties, or “sober nights”.