P.I.G.S- Perverted Interracial Guys [Edit]

Perverted Interracial Guys is a production company started in 2017 by Joël Thomas Royal and Matthew Jensen to promote creative events and further kink education and community brotherhood.  P.I.G.S events encompass a wide range of fetishes, including leather, rubber, and cosplay.

P.I.G.S has offered free graphic design services to support other events in the community, and in 2018 P.I.G.S produced the first ever series of launch parties for the Leather Journal.

PIGS Declaration of Principles

  • We’re interracial fetishists but we don’t fetishize race.
  • We believe in bridging the gap between all races, with brotherhood and fetish awareness.
  • We create fetish events that teach and also entertain to the best of our ability.
  • We want to bring back sexual openness and positivity.