Northwest Leather Celebration [Edit]

Event and Contest History

The very first Northwest Master slave Contest, owned and produced by smOdyssey, was held at the Folsom Fringe weekend conference in San Jose, CA in September of 2006. The second Northwest Master slave Contest was held as a stand-alone event in a Silicon Valley community dungeon in August of 2007.

Northwest Leather Celebration was created as a weekend conference in 2008 to serve as the host for the contest. The first Northwest Leather Celebration was held in May of 2008 in Sunnyvale, CA. NWLC moved to the Doubletree Hotel in downtown San Jose beginning with our 2011 event.

In 2016, smOdyssey relinquished ownership of the Northwest Master slave Contest and Northwest Leather Celebration weekend. Northwest Leather Celebration is now owned and produced by Erich, Ms Rhonda, and Tomo. Beginning in 2017, Northwest Leather Celebration has a new home in Sacramento, California.

Northwest Master slave Contest

nwlcThe Northwest Master and slave serve the community as a very special pair  of ambassadors. The Northwest regional Master slave Contest takes place at  Northwest Leather Celebration. This contest celebrates the Master slave  dynamic by providing positive outreach to the community. The purpose is  education, the promotion of healthy leather and M/s relationships and  representing the Northwest Region at the International Contest.

Northwest Bootblack Contest

nwlcThe Northwest Bootblack titleholder provides outreach, service and  education to the community in celebration of the art and culture of  bootblacking. The Northwest regional Bootblack Contest takes place at  Northwest Leather Celebration. The Northwest Bootblack titleholder  may elect to compete for an international title, or focus solely on service within the Northwest Region.

Northwest Master slave Titleholders

2017 Ms. Kelly Chance and slave boiDi
2016 Sir DaddyDaun and slavegirl j (International Master and slave 2017)
2015 Ms Rhonda and tomo (International Master and slave 2016)
2014 Master John (Abacus) and slave ann
2013 Master Brian and slave Mel
2012 Master Morris and slave jonathan (International Master and slave 2013)
2011 Daniel and his slave pink
2010 Liza and her slave Jody (International Master and slave 2011)
2009 Master DJ and slave september dragon
2008 Daddy Ken and slaveboy tim (International Master and slave 2009)
2007 Master Rick and slave Tina  (International Master and slave 2008)
2006 Master Bob and slave jan

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