Northeast Master/slave Title [Edit]

Northeast Master/slave title
Northeast Master/slave Title
Title contest

The purpose of the Northeast Master/slave title is to help raise awareness and appreciation within the leather community for the Master/slave relationship, and to provide a titleholder pair who will serve as an educational resource, role model, and champion for the M/s lifestyle. The Northeast Master/slave contest is an official feeder to the International Master/slave Contest.

The Northeast Master/slave contest is for couples who self-identify as Master/slave regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The titleholders will be expected to use the title to help educate the general leather community about the Master/slave lifestyle.

The Contest is held as part of the annual Master/slave Conference held over Labor Day Weekend in the Washington, DC area.

Past Titleholders

  • 2019: Sir Edgar and slave raven
  • 2018: Sir James and slave wendy
  • 2017: Mr. Blue and BlueFrost
  • 2016: (none)
  • 2015: Master Fire and slave elliot
  • 2014: Raven Kaldera and slave boy joshua
  • 2013: (none)
  • 2012: Master D and slave passion
  • 2011: Master Griffin and slave ann goodpet
  • 2010: Master Don and orja
  • 2009: Master Steve and slave tami
  • 2008: Master Tallen and slave angela
  • 2007: Lady Lynette and slave llamb
  • 2006: Master Larry and slave barb
  • 2005: Master Jack and slave raven
  • 2004: Sir Stephen and slave catherine

Out titleholders have won the International title three tines:

  • 2005 – Sir Stephen and slave catherine
  • 2007 – Master Larry and slave barb
  • 2018 – Mr. Blue and Bluefrost

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