Nami Matsukawa (松川 ナミ, Matsukawa Nami) , also known as Emi [Edit]

Nami Matsukawa (松川 ナミMatsukawa Nami) is a Japanese 1980s pink film actor and bondage and fetish model.


By 1980, Nami Matsukawa was a sex worker called “Emi” at the SM club Blue Chateau in Akasaka, Tokyo. (SM means sadism and masochism.) Matsukawa made her Nikkatsu film debut with Masaru Konuma’s 1982 Slave Contract (奴隷契約書). She also performed as a bondage model for kinbaku artist Hiroshi Urado in the SM Fairy Nami Matsukawa (SMの妖精・松川ナミ) series of Nikkatsu Video in 1982. In 1983 Matsukawa became Nikkatsu’s new SM Queen.

Her girl-next door quality made her popular with audiences, but SM-author Oniroku Dan complained that, unlike the buxom Naomi Tani, Matsukawa was not fleshy enough to be an appealing bondage subject in his films. Rope and Breasts, directed by Masaru Konuma in 1983, was Matsukawa’s farewell appearance as the Nikkatsu SM Queen and she was replaced by Miki Takakura after a brief “reign”.


Title Release date Studio Director Notes
Slave Contract
22 January 1982 Nikkatsu Masaru Konuma Co-starring Izumi Shima
Slave Contract: Whip and High Heels
奴隷契約書 鞭とハイヒール
28 May 1982 Nikkatsu Shun Nakahara
Marked Ama: Stirred-Up Shell
くいこみ海女 乱れ貝
9 July 1982 Nikkatsu Atsushi Fujiura Starring Ryoko Watanabe
Meat Slave: Sad Toy
肉奴隷 悲しき玩具
1 October 1982 Nikkatsu Katsuhiko Fujii Co-starring Kazuyo Ezaki
Rope and Breasts
7 January 1983 Nikkatsu Masaru Konuma Co-starring Izumi Shima
Woman with Pierced Nipples
25 April 1983 Nikkatsu Shōgorō Nishimura Starring Jun Izumi
Female Prisoner: Cage
女囚 檻
16 September 1983 Nikkatsu Masaru Konuma Starring Mina Asami
Kōichirō Uno’s The Dancing Girl of Izu
25 May 1984 Nikkatsu Atsushi Fujiura Starring Kate Asabuki
Main Theme
14 July 1984 Toei Company Yoshimitsu Morita Starring Hiroko Yakushimaru


Title Release date Studio Director
Slave Candle Play
1982 Nikkatsu Video Hiroshi Urado
Female Prisoner Crucified Water Boarding
女囚磔 水責め
1982 Nikkatsu Video Hiroshi Urado