Munch [Edit]

Munch is a BDSM term for a casual social gathering for people involved in or interested in BDSM.


Munches often take place at a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop, the organizer usually reserving a large table, a back area, or a private room. People are free to arrive and leave within the specified hours. The primary purpose is socializing, although some munches also have announcements or demonstrations from local organizations or individuals. Munches are meant to help those who are curious about BDSM meet others, become more comfortable, and become better informed. Munches can also be a place to get advice, or pass on anecdotes about BDSM experiences. Some come with food, and there are now some “Liquid Munches” that are held, usually early enough for conversation to be possible, in bars. “Liquid Munches” are known as Sloshes in many areas. Most munches are informal affairs that discourage fetish attire or BDSM play. However some munches are held as a get-together prior to a party with those things, and some are open to the wearing of collars or BDSM pride emblems. Some munches have a specific focus, such as BDSM-related spirituality, or whips. Others may be targeting a specific group, such as women involved in BDSM, or submissives. Munches can be very different depending on their region, city, or neighborhood, and regional BDSM groups will often host members-only meetings.

How To Attend

Munch organizers often post their event information on BDSM-related social networking sites, such as FetLife. Local BDSM groups sometimes announce a munch in-person at a meeting, on a community calendar or newsletter, or on their own websites.