MTTA Academy [Edit]

MTTA Academy is one of the main programs offered by MTTA, Inc. It offers educational weekend events for Masters of both genders, male slaves and female slaves of any sexual orientation.

The Academy’s goal is to help the participants find their heart and spirit through education and interaction. The programs are designed to give a real-time experience of the Master/slave lifestyle by the incorporation of protocols and service aspects, along with many classes on various topics. The Academy strives to set an atmosphere that not only allows for the exploration of the Master/slave relationships, but one that promotes self-exploration as well. Both the slave and the Master weekend programs are aimed at those who have little or no experience or are already living the Master/slave relationships, as well as those who are struggling to define their true feelings and identity as slave or Master, submissive or Dominant, as well as those with some experience but who are interested in learning “the ropes” in a safe, and caring environment.

An excellent and experienced group of local Masters and slaves complete the faculty of the training program.


The Academy started in October 2001 as an initiative of Master Taíno. The original name was “Master Taíno’s Training Academy”. In 2004, it was incorporated under the MTTA umbrella and eventually the name changed to MTTA Academy.

The first few events were weekend for male slaves, and by 2002, the Academy held its first event for Masters. By 2005, the Academy included females at the Master Weekend and a year later, it held the first slave Weekend for females. Transgender individuals are welcomed at all MTTA Academy events.

After 18 years at the helm of the Academy, Master Taíno retired at the end of 2019 and Lady O is the new Director.

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