Mr. Mayhem Leather [Edit]

Mr. Mayhem Leather
Mr. Mayhem Leather
Leather Title

The Mr. Mayhem Leather leather title is a national (as in not geographically restrictive) entry level title whose contest is held during Bears, Bikers, and Mayhem in Gettysburg, PA in the beginning of April.

Unlike some other leather titles, Mr. Mayhem Leather is not a highly coveted title, which allows the bearer a greater level of freedom with few personal restrictions.

Started in 2014, the title has been well received, and traditionally feeds into a next level contest such as Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather or International Mr. Leather.


2022 – Colton Bell
2021 – Duke
2019 – Pup Lucky
2018 – Pup Baxter
2017 – Boy Joey (Joe Watson)
2016 – Ash Duncan
2015 – Kevin Micheal O’Connell
2014 – Chad Baylor