Mr. Los Angeles Leather (LAL) [Edit]

Mr. Los Angeles Leather is a leather contest and title awarded annually since its inception in 2000. It is produced by the Los Angeles Leather Coalition (LALC). Mr. Los Angeles Leather is a regional title, with 10 Greater Los Angeles Area bar and club titles feeding into it. It is itself a feeder for International Mr. Leather. The title is often abbreviated “LAL“.

List of Mr. Los Angeles Leather titleholders:

Year Titleholder Feeder Title IML Performance
2000 Jeff Wacha
2001 Peter Fitz
2002 Daddy Don Anspauch
2003 Stephen Blackwell  2nd Runner-up
2004 Marc Watrel
2005 Ray “Cody” Haughland
2006 Bob Johnson
2007 Mikel Gerle Mr. Oil Can Harry’s Leather Winner
2008 Ross Wood  Mr. Regiment
2009 Ken Hearst
2010 Brad Taylor Mr. Regiment
2011 Leo Iriarte Mr. Regiment
2012 Marlon Morales Mr. Regiment  4th Place
2013 Justin Emerek Mr. Regiment
2014 Eric Paul Leue Eagle LA Mr. Leather Top 10
2015 Patrick Smith Eagle LA Mr. Leather Winner
2016 Jeffrey Erdman Mr. Christopher Street West Leather Top 10
2017 Jeff Wilcox Eagle LA Mr. Leather

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