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Mr. DC Eagle

The Mr. DC Eagle Contest is the longest continuously running leather title contest in the world.  The contest occurs every year in November during the DC Eagle‘s anniversary weekend. Like many things in the Leather Community, the early history of the Mr. DC Eagle Contest has been lost, including the names of the titleholders prior to 1982.


Mr. DC Eagle Winners

Year Titleholder IML Performance Notes:
1982 Daryl Grant (Researching) History prior to 1982 lost
1983 Mitch Curtis (Researching)
1984 Al Santora (Researching)
1985 Paul Moffett (Researching)
1986 Terry Boyles (Researching)
1987 (Researching) (Researching)
1988 Glen Corsini (Researching)
1989 Brad Wing (Researching)
1990 Chris Welch (Researching)
1991 Peter Zarcone (Researching)
1992 Tony Willging (Researching)
1993 Joel Gregorio (Researching)
1994 Raymond Contron (Researching)
1995 Ray Hall (Researching)
1996 Jeff Gillies (Researching)
1997 Wayne Nesbitt (Researching)
1998 Glenn “Skip” Mlaker (Researching) Transition year (forward)
1999 Glenn “Skip” Mlaker (Researching) Transition year (forward)
2000 Gary Vandeventer Top 20
2001 Darrell Moyers (Researching)
2002 Herb Kaylor 2nd Runner-up
2003 Larry Barat (Researching)
2004 Jason Hendrix IML Winner
2005 Scott Jones (Researching)
2006 Bennett Long
2007 Joseph Hurchick (Researching)
2008 Alex Holmes
2009 John Harris Top 20
2010 R. Derrick Thomas Top 20
2011 Michael Kramer
2012 Kevin Jordan 2nd Runner-up
2013 Nigel Williams Top 20
2014 Ramien Pierre IML Winner
2015 Dan Ronneberg Top 20 American Leatherman 2015
2016 Danny Kaylor-Hawkins Top 20
2017 Grey Owl
2018 Daniel Ferguson
2019 Christopher Booth
2020 Justin Sawyers TBD

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