Mr. Australia Drummer [Edit]

The Mr. Australia Drummer competition was an annual leather competition held in Australia from 1990 until 1992.


The inaugural Mr. Australia Drummer competition was hosted at Yarralumla Woolshed in Canberra ACT on 19 May 1990. Intended as a national leather title, the event pitched state titleholders against one another, and served as a stepping-stone to the annual Mr Drummer competition. Competitors were judged in several stages, including an interview, on-stage opening comments, jockstrap (minimal), and discussion of fantasies. Stage presence and presentation were considered throughout the competition. A companion title, Mr. Australia Drummerboy, was also contested and awarded at the same event.

The competition was short-lived, with titled being awarded in 1990, 1991, and 1992. The 1993 competition was cancelled unexpectedly, prompting state organisations to redevelop their own competitions.


1990 – Clive Platman (Melbourne). Platman was awarded the Mr Drummer title in 1991.

1991 – Kevin Jackson. Jackson subsequently won the South Pacific Drummer title and came second runner up in the Mr Drummer 1992 competition.

1992 –