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Motocross Gear
Motocross Gear

Motocross gear is a specific type of apparel worn in the leather, fetish and kink communities. It is typically more colorful than traditional leathers and may be accented with stripes, symbols, logos or other embellishments. It can be made from leather or other material such as a stiff, durable polyester. Motocross gear typically includes armor on the inside at major impact regions such as shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and back.

Motocross gear comes in the form of pants, jackets, boots, or a one-piece suit. The one-piece racing leather suit, usually referred to as ‘racing leathers’ was first used by world champion motorcycle racer Geoff Duke in the 1950s. Duke had the suit made for the purposes of streamlining, not safety, and like the majority of the leathers used at the time, was made from horsehide.

IML 2007 Mike Gerle in motocross gear
International Mr. Leather 2007 Mikel Gerle in motocross gear at the Mr. Los Angeles Leather contest in 2015.


Apparel brand Nasty Pig has listed motocross gear as an early influencer of their aesthetic.

Motocross gear maintains a small but robust following in the leather community.