Miki Takakura (高倉 美貴, Takakura Miki) (born Miki Koshizawa (越沢 美貴, Koshizawa Miki) [Edit]

Miki Takakura (高倉 美貴Takakura Miki) (born Miki Koshizawa (越沢 美貴Koshizawa Miki in 1960) is a Japanese gravure idol and pink film actor who was active in the 1980s and rose to prominence as Nikkatsu’s “SM Queen” (SMの女王SM no joō) from 1983 to 1985. (SM means sadism and masochism).

Life and career


When famed Nikkatsu SM actor Naomi Tani retired in 1979, the studio tried a number of replacements for her including starlet Takakura who was next in line after Nami Matsukawa. Takamura began her career at Nikkatsu with the August 1983 Beauty in Rope Hell, part of Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno series, written by noted SM author Oniroku Dan and directed by Genji Nakamura. Some moviegoers complained that Takakura was too thin for bondage work because the ropes didn’t make enough of a visible impression but pink film critics Thomas and Yuko Weisser cite her as one of the best SM actresses. However, by this time Nikkatsu was at a low point and would close its doors in a few years and the SM genre films which had supported the studio for a number of years were becoming formulaic and trite.

Takakura retired from the pink film scene after starring in five Roman Porno films written by Oniroku Dan, her final movie for Nikkatsu being the January 1985 Double Rope Torture which the Weissers give only a one-star rating, calling the film a “stillborn project”.


Four of Oniroku Dan‘s stories, originally published in Japanese in 1997, were published in English in 2010 by Vertical, Inc. The collection is titled Season of Infidelity and the stories have “loosely biographical” elements, and the last story Bewitching Bloom is a telling of his professional relationship with Naomi Tani, and also includes notes about three subsequent Nikkatsu “Queens”; Miki Takakura, Junko Mabuki, and Izumi Shima.