Michael Kirwan [Edit]

Michael Kirwan (1953-2018) was an American artist, known for his distinctively stylized erotic illustrations and comics, published in more than 600 magazines. Although he focused primarily on homoerotic themes, he also produced substantial work for the heterosexual and fetish markets. He worked primarily in Prismacolor markers and permanent ink.

Kirwan began producing homoerotic art in the early 1980s, inspired by his job as an attendant at St. Mark’s Baths, a gay sex club. His first published work appeared in Playguy magazine. He produced monthly comic strips for Playguy, including The Roadies, which ran from October 1995 through September 1997; The Adventures of Richie Tease, from October 1997 through January 1999; and Beginner’s Luck, which began in July 1999. As the market for magazine illustrations declined, Kirwan turned to commissioned work.

He spent a year as the first Artist in Residence with the Tom of Finland Foundation.

In 2011, Bruno Gmünder published Just So Horny, a 128-page collection of Kirwan’s work.


In 2004 Kirwan was inducted into the Tom of Finland Foundation‘s Erotic Artist Hall of Fame.

In 2019 the National Leather Association – International created the Erotic Art Awards; the awards include the Michael Kirwan Award (for expressionism).