Matthew Mullins (Pup Ashtray Kain) [Edit]

Matthew Mullins (Pup Ashtray Kain)
Matthew Mullins
Mullins at a title contest
Mullins at a title contest.
Mullins (Pup Ashtray Kain)
Mullins (Pup Ashtray Kain)
Mullins in gear
Mullins in gear.
Mullins in gear.
Mullins in gear.

Matthew Mullins is a professional writer, photographer and most recently an event promoter for Bullet Bar & Eagle LA.

He has a passion for visual arts, and loves creating odd and quirky experimental electronic music under the name Biological. He lives with his Master, Dan Lovell, and serves him as a pup and a slave. Matthew flags yellow, light blue, and hunter green. Seeing that Dan shared similar ideas and desires about the community, they created “Skullbit Creative,” which holds unique fetish-oriented parties at the Bullet Bar, such as Dog Pound, CockSock, and Glow Me.

In 2014, Mullins joined the ranks of the Los Angeles Leather Contingent, after winning Mr. Bullet Leather 2014. He went on to compete at the Mr. Los Angeles Leather contest. Six months later, he won Southern California Leather Boy 2014 in San Diego, which led him to compete and place 1st runner up at the International Leather Sir/boy competition in Dallas. During his title year, he became a bartender at the Bullet bar, and raised over $8,000 collectively for charities such as, APLA, AIDS Lifecycle, St Judes Research Hospital, Long Beach AIDS Alliance,  LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Paws LA, Tom of Finland Foundation, and ACLEF.

In 2015, he competed and won the title Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather, and competed in the International Olympus Leather Contest in Atlanta, but did not place.

Mullins is seen as an advocate for the pup community hailing as Pup Ashtray Kain, and has taken a prominent role in reviving the Los Angeles Pup Contest.

In February 2017, he won a fourth title; in its inaugural year, he became International Geared Up Pup.

In March 2017, TruTV’s ‘You  Can Do Better’ asked Mullins to be featured as an expert on a episode about humans and their relationship to pets. 

In 2018, Netflix asked Matthew Mullins to be on the show, Magic for Humans, starring magician Justin Willman. They featured a short segment starring him and his partner Dan. They also featured the LA Pup contestants from 2017. Justin performed magic tricks for all of them and said he wanted to help misunderstood subcultures in America.

He currently resides in Studio City.