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Master/slave Conference
Master/slave Conference

The Master/slave Conference, more commonly known as MsC, is an annual educational event solely dedicated to Master/slave and other consensual authority-based relationships.

The conference is owned by MTTA, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization, since its inception in 2004 and is produced by an Executive Committee. Each conference is focused around a theme.

In 2018, MsC celebrated its 15th Anniversary and the event was dedicated to the memory of slave david stein who passed on October 2017.

MsC 2020 and 2021 were cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic and MsC 2022 will take place on September 1-5 and the theme will be “Celebrating Our DIVERSITY”. The Keynote Speaker will be Mister Blue, International Master 2018.  MsC 2022 will be held for the first time at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. The hotel and over 40K square feet of meeting space will be for the exclusive use of our event.

MsC is also the home of the Northeast Master/slave title and contest.


The Master/slave Conference began in 2004 when Master Taíno was invited to create a regional event as a feeder for the International Master/slave Contest, which just moved to Dallas a year prior. Master Taíno agreed to create the event, but his vision went further than the contest. As an attendee of the MAsT ’99 event, he was very concerned about the lack of educational events on Master/slave relationships. So, MsC went beyond being a regional feeder becoming an event fully and solely dedicated to education in relationships.

The first conference was held in July 2004 and continued being held in the middle of the summer until 2009 when it moved to Labor Day Weekend to become a four-day event. Since that year, the event has grown to average around 500 attendees, becoming the premier educational event on M/s relationships, as well as the largest.

In 2005, the Master/slave Flag was unveiled at MsC.

Since its inception, Master Taíno has been the Executive Producer of the conference. In 2009, he created an Executive Committee by adding Sir Stephen from New Jersey and Lady Lynette from Virginia as associate producers. After the passing of Lady Lynette in 2014, the Committee was expanded to include six members. Currently besides Master Taíno, the committees integrated by Sir Brian (Associate Producer) and four additional assistant producers: slave paul, slave jenna, Lady O and Sir Rob.  Master Taíno has announced plans to retire as Executive Producer by 2023.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a virtual MsC took place under the name of MsC Worldwide produced by Master Dante, Sir Rob and slave Amy.  After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, MsC in person will be back in 2022.  MsC 2022 will take place over Labor Day Weekend, September 1-5, at a new venue, the College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in College Park, Maryland.


The educational component of MsC is dedicated solely to Master/slave and authority-based relationships. Topics typically include relationship improvement through improved communication, methods for working around common relationship issues, and healthy ways to incorporate dominance and submission in authoritarian relationships. Topics are presented by a diverse group of experienced Masters and slaves primarily from the United States and Canada. Each conference provides a wide variety of educational formats including workshops, intensives, panels, round tables, conversations and service stations.

Keynote Speakers

Each conference year, a keynote speaker is solicited from the Master/slave community to speak in reference to that year’s theme. MsC 2021 will have Mister Blue, International Master 2018 as its Keynote Speaker.

  • 2019: slave Rick — Our Journey Continues
  • 2018: Mama Vi Johnson (aka Viola Johnson) — 15th Anniversary
  • 2017: Master Skip Chasey — Our Chosen Family
  • 2016: Justin Tanis – Being Authentic
  • 2015: Patrick Mulcahey – Building Bridges
  • 2014: Master Obsidian – Creating Our Reality
  • 2013: Guy Baldwin – Celebrating the Future
  • 2012: Master Z – Pride and Passion
  • 2011: Race Bannon – The Ultimate Tradition
  • 2010: slave Caroline – Unconscious Lifecycle of Master/slave Dynamics: A Philosophy of Shit
  • 2009: Laura Antoniou – You Must Be This Tall to Ride This Ride
  • 2008: Master Skip Chasey – The Rise and Fall of the M/s Community (A Cautionary Observation)
  • 2007: Master Jack McGeorge
  • 2006: Master Jack Rinella
  • 2005: Viola Johnson
  • 2004: Master Steve

Our Traditions Live!

Since moving to Labor Day Weekend, MsC began a new evening event dedicated to remembering the history and traditions of our community under the name “Our Traditions Live!”. Every year there is a topic or a tribute. The first of these events was a tribute in 2009 to the producers of MAsT ’99 on the tenth anniversary of the event. MAsT ’99, held in Atlanta in 1999, is considered the pioneer event on education in Master/slave relationships. In 2010, there was a special tribute to the life of Master Jack McGeorge. MsC has also paid tribute to Drummer magazine (2011), the Leatherwomen (2012), the Silver Anniversary of MAsT International (2013) and the African American Leatherfolks (2015). The 2014 event was dedicated to the future of the Master/slave community and in 2016 it was the official launch of “Our Lives, Our History”, the new M/s history anthology sponsored by MTTA. In 2017, the program paid tribute to the transgender community and Raven Kaldera, a trans man himself, offered a speech.

Conference Exhibits

Three lifestyle related exhibits occur every year at MsC.

Each of these is dedicated to advancing the public’s knowledge of the Leather, BDSM and Master/slave history.

MsC has also welcomed erotic art exhibits.


Since its inception, MsC has granted two awards to members of the community: the Master Heart Award and the slave Heart Award.

In 2009, four new awards were created:

In 2015, to honor Lady Lynette, MsC created the Lady Lynette Leadership Award.

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