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Masters and slaves Together (MAsT) exists as an education, support and resource group for individuals involved in, or interested in, the Master/slave lifestyle. MAsT provides an opportunity and forum for like-minded individuals to come together for discussion of issues that concern Masters and slaves, to share ideas and gain and/or share knowledge of the Master/slave lifestyle.

Mission Statement

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Masters And slaves Together International (“MAsT”) is an association of individuals interested in engaging in personal relationships that are based upon the conscious exchange of power and authority. MAsT believes that such relationships can be a valid path to authenticity, self-actualization, and happiness for such individuals, and MAsT is therefore dedicated to equipping them with tools and resources that will assist them in developing relationships that are healthy, functional, and real. Through the sanctioning of local chapters that meet on a regular basis, MAsT provides social and support opportunities for its members and fosters the beneficial exchange of lifestyle knowledge and experience. MAsT is committed to demystifying M/s, D/s, and other power exchange relationships for those in the leather/fetish/BDSM community and, on a greater level, to correcting the misinformation and combating the denigration that often occurs in our larger societies with respect to such relationships.

Core Values

Personal Fulfillment

MAsT believes that power exchange relationships can be a valid path to authenticity, self-actualization, and happiness.


MAsT is open to all adults interested in consensual power exchange relationships.


MAsT welcomes people of every sexual and gender identity, race and ethnicity, body type, socio-economic status, physical capability, and religion or spiritual practice (including those with no spiritual beliefs).

Free Association

MAsT’s respect for inclusivity and diversity does not preclude each MAsT chapter from assembling according to the desires of the chapter director, and from determining the criteria for membership or participation in that chapter.

Community Support

MAsT encourages the healthy development and support of power exchange relationships through the sharing of knowledge, experiences, perspectives and ideas among its members.


MAsT believes that the individuals who enter into a power exchange relationship do so as equals and that, as with other types of personal relationships, power exchange participants have an obligation to support the well-being of the relationship and that of those with whom they’ve engaged in such relationships.

Personal Responsibility

MAsT believes that every individual who engages in a power exchange relationship has a primary obligation to their own well-being and is therefore responsible for taking appropriate action if such relationship becomes detrimental to their sense of well-being or is otherwise no longer personally satisfying.


MAsT believes that the protocols created by those in a power exchange relationship apply only to the individuals engaged in that relationship. The individuals in the relationship do not have the right to impose their protocols onto others, and those who are not a part of that relationship have neither the right nor the obligation to participate in such protocols when interacting with the individuals in the relationship.


MAsT was founded in 1988 in San Francisco by Fred Vaselenak and his slave michel as a support organization for gay men in Master/slave relationships. During this time Luke Owen was instrumental in developing the International Master/slave Contest as part of MAsT.

Following the death of slave michel ownership of MAsT passed to Bob Fifield and slave joe who continued to look for ways to help the members in their relationships. During this time the MAsT: Chicago Chapter was formed by Master Jack Rinella as the first MAsT Chapter separate from the original organization in San Francisco.

Then Master Roger Curtman and slave bill, International Master and slave 1997, took up the ownership of MAsT and made the concept of local chapters a wider reality. On their watch MAsT was opened up as a pansexual organization. During this time the use of the internet became an effective tool for spreading information about MAsT. Master Roger engaged Master Alex Keppeler to take on the tasks of developing websites for MAsT: Atlanta and MAsT International. Master Alex went on to develop them for most of the rest of the MAsT Chapters. In 1999 under the leadership of Guy Baldwin the weekend conference dedicated to the Master/slave lifestyle was first developed. Also in this time period the International Master/slave Contest was separated from MAsT.

In November 2000 Master Alex Keppeler, slave john and slave kevin of Household Keppeler received ownership of MAsT with its seven functioning local Chapters. The Household immediately began work to provide a solid organizational foundation and structure to MAsT with the incorporation of MAsT as a Michigan non profit corporation and with the development of written policies and procedures for the MAsT National Office and local MAsT Chapters. They also developed and published guidelines for the formation of new Chapters. Following the death of slave john on April 2, 2001, Master Alex and slave kevin continued the process of developing and increasing local chapters and seeking to expand MAsT membership and recognition.

In 2004 Master Bert Cutler, the Chapter Director of the MAsT: Phoenix Chapter and International Master 2003, became the MAsT Liaison Officer to Chapters in Formation and a member of the MAsT Board of Directors. His task is to provide guidance and support to newly developing MAsT Chapters during their formation period.

In February 2007, MAsT International underwent major changes. MAsT joined Butchmann’s Inc, family as a 501 (c) (3) not for profit educational and support resource. Master Bert was appointed as Butchmann’s Liaison Board member. Master Konrahd was appointed as Executive Director of MAsT International, slave cat was appointed Directors of Operations and MsSuzan was appointed Deputy Director of MAsT International. In June 2007, MsSuzan moved to Director of Operations MAsT International and the position of Deputy Director was abolished.

In May 2008 the position of Deputy Director was re-established and the position was filled by Master Bob Blount. The position of Junior Regional Representative was created along with a specific job description and duties.

In June 2009 the position of Financial Officer was created and the position filled by slave bonnie. In October 2009 Master Konrahd stepped down as Executive Director and was replaced by Master Bob Blount.

As MAsT continued to grow, additional positions were added to the Executive Committee in 2010 in order to provide the support needed by individual chapters. The Membership Director was filled by slave patrick.

In 2015, MAsT International separated from Butchmanns and became an independent nonprofit corporation under the leadership of new Executive Director, Ms Susan Walens.

MAsT currently has 130 active chapters worldwide.

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