Marcus Hernandez, also known as Mister Marcus [Edit]

Marcus Hernandez, also known as Mister Marcus (1930-2009) was best known for writing the Bay Area Reporter (B.A.R.) leather column from 1971 to 2009. He attended and/or judged approximately 250 leather contests during his years as a columnist.

He also was part of the Leather Archives and Museum’s Inside Leather History, A Fireside Chat Program, hosted and coproduced by Douglas OKeeffe.


In 2017, the art installation known as the San Francisco South of Market Leather History Alley was installed; in it Hernandez (among others) is honored with a bronze bootprint displaying his name and a short statement about him.

The Imperial Court of the Americas Marcus B. Hernandez International Leather Leadership Award is named after him, as is the Mr. Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Woman) and the Mr. Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Man) which are both part of the Pantheon of Leather Awards.