Los Angeles Pup Contest [Edit]

The Los Angeles Pup Contest is the main contest and event that takes place during Los Angeles Puppy Pride Weekend annually in November. It was created by Skullbit Creative which is an event production company created by Dan Lovell and Matthew Mullins (Pup Ashtray Kain).


The title of LA PUP has a history before the Skullbit inception, that goes back into the early 2000s, and holds an international win in 2002 by Tim Hamilton (Pup Rocket). After a few years, the original incarnation ended, and Skullbit brought it back as the pup play community started growing and changing at a rapid pace. The producers believe that everyone in the community is Los Angeles Pup, and that holding the title puts you in a position that people seek out for community events, volunteer work, and to learn from. The winner will be the representative for the LA PUP title at one of the two international competitions, International Puppy Contest / IPTC, and will hold the title from the winning moment until the next year’s title is announced. 

LA PUP Titleholders

2016 – Pup Zero

2017 – Pup Dazzle

2018 – Pup Rush