Los Angeles Leather Coalition (LALC) [Edit]

Los Angeles Leather Coalition (also called LALC) is a non-profit 501(c)4 organization incorporated in Los Angeles, California in 1999.


To facilitate communications and mutual understanding among different segments of the leather-affiliated community, as well as promotes unity through cooperative endeavors that offer entertainment, education, social interaction, and community service.

Logo of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition

LALC will be supportive of its constituents’ events and activities, and will work to increase mutual participation in and cooperation among the community.


The logo of the LALC is comprised of four squares within a square. The boarder carries the words “Los Angeles” on the upper left corner and “Leather Coalition” in the lower right corner. From upper right clockwise: red square “L,” grey square “A,” blue square “C, and ” grey square “L.”

List of Chairmen of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition

1999-2002 Brent Sweer
2002-2003 Bart Astor*
2003-2005 Kevin Casey
2005-2007 Will Hildreth
2008-2011 Steve Ganzell
2012 – Loren Berthelsen & Alex Lindsay
2011-2016 Jon Wright
2016-2018 Marlon Morales

List of Charter Members

List of Current Active Community Partner Members

The Los Angeles Leather Coalition (LALC) is comprised of voting and non-voting members of the community. The voting members “Community Partners” vote on matters that instruct the Board on how they should steer the organization as it regards the LA Region’s Leather/BDSM Community and the operation of Los Angeles Leather Pride. Community Partners also elect and fill 5 out of the 9 Board of Director seats. Without the voice of our Community Partners the LALC would cease to function. Non-Voting Members as well as Members of the Community are welcome to come to our monthly meetings and voice concern on matters presented before the board.

†: Denotes a Founding Charter Member*: Denotes a Feeder for Los Angeles Leather Pride

Community Members can apply to be recognized as a “Community Partner” after attending 3 regularly scheduled meetings within the last year. The application can be downloaded here and emailed to the secretary or may be completed on-line here. Once the secretary has received the application and the 3 meeting requirement has been met, the potential Community Partner will be notified when they can be voted in by simple majority of the other Community Partners.

In January of every year, the Community Partners are asked to update their information with the Secretary. This can also be done by downloading the Renewal Form here and emailing it to the Secretary or by completing the on-line form.