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Leatherati is a leather community lifestyle website covering leather people, news and events. It was founded in 2009 by Loren Berthelsen and Alex Lindsay. Berthelsen is Editor in Chief.


Sensing a hole in the community for things leather-related but not adult-oriented, Berthelsen and Lindsay leveraged their long-standing involvement in the leather community to launch a comprehensive website for news, and events. Leatherati explores the community’s unique lifestyle of contests and titleholders, travel and events, dining and drinking, entertainment, shopping and of course, news and opinion.

As our brick-and-mortar leather venues shrunk in numbers, Leatherati was positioned to offer something new; representing all orientations and genders, but LGBT-dominated; interactive, but not devoted to hook-ups; open to a broad spectrum of viewpoints without abandoning standards for accuracy and quality in its contributors.


(As of 4/21/2017)


  • Alex Lindsay
  • Leland Carina
  • Tyesha Nicole Best


  • Elizabeth Lawrence
  • Cleo Dubois

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