Leather Hall of Fame [Edit]

The Leather Hall of Fame is a community organization that recognizes people and organizations who have made significant contributions to the modern leather community over time and provides a historical and educational reference for the community. It aims to represent all people in the modern leather community (1950 – present) around the world, without regard to gender or sexual orientation.

Its logo was designed by San Francisco artist Jon Stoa.

Nominations are accepted via a nomination form on the Leather Hall of Fame website. The annual induction ceremony is hosted each year at Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (CLAW) in April. The annual deadline for nominations is October 15.

Inductees are selected by the Leather Hall of Fame Board of Governors, with inductees announced in December. Notable members of the Board of Governors include Race BannonGloria BrameGuy Baldwin, Viola Johnson, and Gayle Rubin.

The following people and organizations have been inducted into the Leather Hall of Fame:

2009: Chuck Renslow, Tom of Finland, John Alexander Scott Coutts (inducted under his pseudonym John Willie)

2010: Tony DeBlase, Don Morrison and Frank Olson (these two were inducted together), Satyrs MC

2011: Leonard Burtman, Eulenspiegel Society, Bob Milne

2012: Guy Baldwin, Irving Klaw, Sam Steward

2013: Mistress Monique Von CleefAlan SelbyDom Orejudos

2014: Chicago Hellfire Club, Cynthia Slater, John Embry

2015: Felix Jones, Jeanne C. Barney, Pat Bond and Fran Nowve (these two were inducted together; Fran Nowve was inducted under the name Terry Kolb)

2016: Larry Townsend, Jim Stewart, James (Jim) Kane

2017: Durk Dehner, Peter Fiske, MSC Hamburg

2018: International Mr. Leather, The Society of Janus, Black Leather…In Color

2019: SamoisFakir Musafar, Leather Archives & Museum

2020: MLC Munich, Jim Ward, Anne Desclos (inducted under her pen name Pauline Réage)

2021: Jack Jackson, SM Gays, Jack McGeorge

2022: RexGMSMAThe 15 Association

2023: Robert MeijerJohn Sutcliffe, The 69 Club