Laura Antoniou [Edit]

Laura Antoniou is an author and editor.

She edited the book Some Women, consisting of pieces written by women involved in consensual dominance and submission, which was published by Masquerade Books, Inc, in 1995.

In 2009 she gave the keynote speech at the Master/slave Conference (MsC); it was titled “You Must Be This Tall to Ride This Ride”.

She contributed “To Serve in Close Attendance to Nobility: Samurai Tradition in an SM Context” to the anthology Our Lives, Our History: Consensual Master/slave relationships from ancient times to the 21st century, which was published in 2016.

She is well-known as the author of The Marketplace series of BDSM-themed novels, which were originally published under the pen name of Sara Adamson, and as the editor of the three-volume Leather Women series of lesbian erotica anthologies.

Writings by her are held at the Leather Archives & Museum.


Her story “That’s Harsh” received the National Leather Association-International‘s John Preston Short Fiction Award in 2011.

Her story “The Man with the Phoenix Tattoo” received the National Leather Association-International’s John Preston Short Fiction Award in 2012.

She received the Master Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award in 2012.

Her book The Killer Wore Leather received the National Leather Association-International’s Pauline Reage Novel Award in 2014.

An anthology she edited, No Safewords, received the National Leather Association-International’s Samois Anthology Award in 2014.

Personal Life

She is a lesbian.