Lady Lynette [Edit]

Lady Lynette
Lady Lynette
Master/slave community leader

Lady Lynette (born August 2, 1955) was a prominent leader in the Master/slave community. She passed away on March 3, 2015 at age 59 after a long illness.  She was a renowned florist but she retired early to dedicate her life to the Leather and Master/slave community.

In the Leather and Master/slave Community

She began her journey in her native Oklahoma where she was active in the Leather and BDSM communities.  She held the title of South Plains Leather 2001. She was one of the founders of the OklahomaOKPET and the Oklahoma chapter of the National Leather Alliance. She was active also in the community of Kansas City, MO when she lived there and an instructor of the Wichita Leather University. She held the title of Ms. South Plains Leather 2000.

She met her slave llamb In Tulsa in 1997 and eventually married him in 2004. After getting married, they relocated to Hayes, Virginia and became active in the Hampton Roads community.

In May 2006 she attended the Master Training Program at the MTTA Academy. That weekend was key in her journey as she eventually became a staff member of the Academy first in 2007 as the Resident Master and in 2009 she became the Deputy Director.

Her dedication and positive impact was deeply felt by the participants, both Masters and slaves. She brought to the Academy an amazing energy that made a huge difference in the program and its student. After her passing, her slave llamb highlighted the importance of the Academy in her life and journey.

In the Southeast Virginia region, she became one of the most respected leaders of the community. She founded the Old Dominion Leather Club, and later restored the MAsT Hampton Roads Chapter, serving as its Director until her death. In that region and beyond, she mentored many who benefited from her wisdom and guidance.

She and her slave lamb competed and won the Northeast Master/slave title at the Master/slave Conference 2007. She represented the Northeast Region at the International Master/slave Contest both in 2008 and again in 2009.

In August 2008, she was elected a member of the Board of Directors of MTTA, Inc., the non-profit organization that runs the MTTA Academy and produces the annual Master/slave Conference, among other programs. She was reelected twice in 2011 and 2014.

In 2009, the executive producer of MsC, Master Taíno, appointed her as one of two Associate Producers. Master Taíno often states that bringing Lady Lynette and Sir Stephen as Associate Producers was probably his best decision in the 11-year history of the event.

She was a dynamic presenter and took his classes on Master/slave and BDSM issues all over the country.

At the moment of her passing, Lady Lynette was also served by slave liz and Cowboi Jen. Her Leather Family included Master Wes, along with his slave terry, and Madam Shadow, along with her slave Shadows_aaron. Her Mentees included Master Wes, Madam Shadow, and Daddi Panther.

Awards and Honors:

2012 – Master Heart Award at the Master/slave Conference

2012 – Master Taíno’s Walking the Master Way Award at Colonial Kink

2015 – Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award (posthumously)

The annual Lady Lynette Leadership Award was created in her memory at the Master/slave Conference 2015.

The Lady Lynette Scholarship Fund was established in 2015 to provide scholarships to individuals in financial distress so they can attend educational Master/slave events.