Kitty Tsui [Edit]

Kitty Tsui (born 1952) is a Chinese-American leatherwoman and author.

Involvement in Leather

Tsui came out as a leatherwoman in 1988. She wrote the piece “Sex does not equal death” for the 1996 anthology The second coming: a leatherdyke reader, edited by Pat Califia and Robin Sweeney. She also wrote Sparks Fly, a novel written from the perspective of a gay leatherman in San Francisco, published in 1997.

She also wrote the first leather column in the Midwest (it was called ”Leathertalk: Top to Bottom”, and published in Chicago Nightlines), gave workshops and presentations about leather, and judged leather competitions including but not limited to International Ms. Leather. 

Personal Life

She is openly lesbian, having come out as such in 1973, at age 21.

She is Chinese-American, and was born in Hong Kong.