JV – Mr Rubber Spain 2017 [Edit]

JV onstage at MIR21
Mr Rubber Spain 2017

JV is a multidisciplinary creative and producer commonly known as ambassador of the rubber community and Mr Rubber Spain 2017.

He lives between London and Barcelona and he is constantly travelling around Europe and overseas in order to support many LGBTQ+ causes and minorities, promoting inclusion and acceptance.

JV is very conscious about safer sex and he has been involved in educational talks and the award winner UK initiative called Prepster.

As Mr Rubber Europe 2018 2nd Runner Up, he is committed supporting new associations across Europe and pushing forward a new union called ERA.

ERA or European Rubber Alliance is his latest initiative, a work in progress project with the following vision and mission…

“The European Rubber Alliance will provide a strong voice for new and emerging associations within our community. Together, and in cooperation with existing clubs and social partnerships, we will build strong bonds within Europe and overseas, enhancing the communication and increasing the visibility of the rubber community worldwide”.