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Photo of Jeremy Ronceros
Jeremy Ronceros
Mr. Oil Can Harry’s Leather 2013

Jeremy Ronceros is a Los Angeles-based leather titleholder and is the former president of the Los Angeles Band of Brothers.

Early Life and Education

Ronceros was born on August 28th, 1982 in Los Angeles, to Renee and Javier Ronceros. He attended the Los Angeles High School for the Arts (Theater and Film Program) and went onto Chapman University to study film editing.

In the Leather Community

Ronceros started exploring the leather community through the AOL leather chat room when he was 16. He started exploring in greater depth when he was 22, but it was not until he started working as a model in the adult industry that he really became involved.

Ronceros ran for and won his first leather title, Mr. Oil Can Harry’s Leather, in 2013. After competing for Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2013, where he was the recipient of the brotherhood award, Ronceros became the Vice President of the Los Angeles Band of Brothers (LABB). That year, he was awarded The Next Generation Award at the Southland Honors.

In 2014, Ronceros became the President of the LABB, a position which he held for two years. He has become a staple emcee in the Los Angeles Leather Community. He was eventually was welcomed into Mama’s Family as Mama’s Roast Master.

Career and Personal Life

Ronceros is currently developing a web series with friend and fellow titleholder, Don Mike, called Push the Button. It is set to air through YouTube in May 2017. He also developed an app with a business partner, called Feasty. It is an event invitation system that allows hosts to send video message invites through SMS or email and gives them the option of raising money through the invite for a charity or personal cause.

At the age of 21, Ronceros met his husband, whom he married in 2008. The two have been together for over 13 years and currently live with their boyfriend, whom they met in New Orleans.

Awards and Honors

LALC Brotherhood Award – 2013
The Next Generation Award, Southland Honors – 2013
Nominee – Leatherman of the year (Socal), Pantheon of Leather – 2014