Jay Wiseman [Edit]

Jay Joseph Wiseman (born 1949) is an American best known as a BDSM author. His most famous work is the book SM 101: A Realistic Introduction (1992), which has somewhere in the area of 100,000 copies in print. (SM means sadism and masochism). It is also one of the Society of Janus’s “Suggested Readings” regarding BDSM. 

Greenery Press was founded in 1991 by author Janet Hardy, and in 1995 it merged with Jay Wiseman Books under the Greenery name. Hardy continues to run the company, and Wiseman serves on the Press’s board of directors. Greenery Press is a publishing house based in Emeryville, California, which specializes in books on BDSM (particularly femdom) and polyamory.


Jay Wiseman is an inductee of the Society of Janus’s Hall of Fame.