Jack Jackson [Edit]

Jack Jackson, an African-American leatherman, was the only president of The Eulenspiegel Society, the first BDSM organization founded in the United States. He was its president from 1973 until he died in 1983; in his honor, after that, The Eulenspiegel Society continued without a president.

He lectured at college campuses about BDSM, as well as giving interviews about it, and helped the NYPD Sex Crimes Unit as an expert witness on rope ties when they had to investigate crimes that might have involved bondage.

At one point Jackson was Fran Novwe’s Master; he inspired her to write the BDSM-themed piece “A Night of Loving”, which appeared in The Eulenspiegel Society’s magazine Prometheus, as well as Gallery magazine.


The May 1985 issue of The Eulenspiegel Society’s magazine Prometheus was the Jack Jackson Memorial Anthology.

He was inducted into the Leather Hall of Fame in 2021.