Izumi Shima (志麻 いづみ, Shima Izumi), born Keiko Ishida (石田恵子), other aliases Keiko Ono (小野恵子), Emi Shirakawa (白川恵美), and Nozomi Shirakawa (白川望美) [Edit]

Izumi Shima (志麻 いづみShima Izumi) is a Japanese mainstream film actor who is best known for her roles in Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno film series.

Life and Career

Shima was born Keiko Ishida (石田恵子) in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Japan on December 3, 1953. Ishida made her acting debut by 1975, using the alias Keiko Ono (小野恵子), in the TV series Taiyō ni Hoero!, but this alias was soon changed to avoid confusion with another actress. Ishida also used the aliases Emi Shirakawa (白川恵美) and Nozomi Shirakawa (白川望美) during this period.

In 1977, Ishida came under exclusive contract with Nikkatsu studio and was given the stage name “Izumi Shima”. She made her debut with the studio in the August 1977 Roman Porno film Lady Chatterley In Tokyo. Nikkatsu promoted Shima for this film as their “most beautiful actress” and the cinematography in the film was designed specifically to highlight her attractiveness. However, due to the disappointing reception of Lady Chatterley In Tokyo, Shima was relegated to low profile and supporting roles for years. According to noted SM-author (SM meaning sadism and masochism) Oniroku Dan, who was also her sexual partner, she failed to overcome her timid and restrained mood for roles that required physical intimacy, which contrasted sharply with her passionate off-screen sex life.

During this time, Shima appeared in a number of SM works, including the 1980 Blazing Bondage Lady and the 1982 Female Beautician Rope Discipline both written by Oniroku Dan. When Oniroku Dan, seemingly unhappy with the fate of his scripts, decided to produce his own film, Dark Hair, Velvet Soul in 1982, he brought in respected pink film director Mamoru Watanabe to direct the film and he also chose Shima for the starring role. According to the book Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films (1998, by Thomas Weisser and Yuko Mihara Weisser) Shima brought “elegance and panache” to her role and after this successful appearance, she made SM films her specialty and became regarded as one of Nikkatsu’s leading SM actors of the 1980s. Nikkatsu’s “SM Queen” (SMの女王SM no joō) in the period 1982 – 1983, Shima was usually cast as the dominatrix type in her later films.

Nikkatsu filmography

  • Lady Chatterley In Tokyo (東京チャタレー夫人Tokyo Chatterly Fujin) (Nikkatsu, Aug. 1977)
  • Gate of Flesh (肉体の門Nikutai no mon) (Dec. 1977)
  • Tenement Apartment: Obscene Affair (四畳半・猥褻な情事Yo-jo-han: Wasenna Joji) (Jan. 1978)
  • Teacher Deer (教師 女鹿Kyoshi Mejika) (Mar. 1978)
  • Apartment Wife: Night By Ourselves (団地妻 二人だけの夜 –Danchizuma Futari Dake No Yoru) (Apr. 1978)
  • Wakazuma ga nureru toki (若妻が濡れるとき) (Jun. 1978)
  • Hito natsu no kankei (ひと夏の関係) (Aug. 1978)
  • Izumi daihachi no okashikko (泉大八の犯しっこ) (Oct. 1978)
  • Invisible Man: Rape! (透明人間 犯せ!Tomei Ningen: Okase!) (Dec. 1978)
  • Shiroi fukurami (白いふくらみ) (Feb. 1979)
  • Flesh Target: Rape! (肉の標的 奪う!!Niku No Hyoteki: Ubau) (Mar. 1979)
  • Three Juicy Sisters: Casual Sex (色情三姉妹 ひざくずしShikijo Sanshimai: Hizakuzushi) (Jun. 1979)
  • Bridal Doll (団鬼六 花嫁人形Dan Oniroku Hanayome Ningyo) (Oct. 1979)
  • Tokyo Eros: 1001 Nights (東京エロス千夜一夜Tokyo Eros Senya Ichiya) (Oct. 1979)
  • Koichiro Uno’s Wet and Purring (宇能鴻一郎の濡れて悶えるUno Koichiro No Nurete Modaeru) (Jan. 1980)
  • Haitoku fujin no yokujō (背徳夫人の欲望) (Feb. 1980)
  • Uptown Lady: Days of Eros (山の手夫人 性愛の日々Yamanote Fujin: Seiai No Hibi) (May 1980)
  • Secret of Newlywed Wife (単身赴任 新妻の秘密Tanshin Funin: Niizuma no Himitsu) (Jul. 1980)
  • Blazing Bondage Lady aka Madam Rope Flame (団鬼六 縄炎夫人Dan Oniroku Joen Fujin) (Sep. 1980)
  • Sekkusu Dokku: Midarana Chiryō (セックスドック 淫らな治療) (Dec. 1980)
  • Woman Who Exposes Herself (見せたがる女Misetagaru onna) (Jan. 1981)
  • “Love Me Strong… Love Me Hard” (もっと激しくもっとつよくMotto hageshiku motto tsuyoku) (May 1981)
  • Widow’s Bedroom (未亡人の寝室Mibojin no shinshitsu) (Jun. 1981)
  • Female Beautician Rope Discipline (団鬼六 女美容師縄飼育Dan Oniroku onna biyoshi nawa shiiku) (Nov. 1981)
  • Dark Hair Velvet Soul (団鬼六 黒髪縄夫人Dan Oniroku kurokami nawa fujin) (Oni Pro / Nikkatsu, Mar. 1982)
  • Indecent Family: Mother & Daughter (ワイセツ家族 母と娘Waisetsu kazoku: haha to musume) (May 1982)
  • Blue Woman (団鬼六 蒼いおんなDan Oniroku aoi onna) (Aug. 1982)
  • Rope and Breasts (縄と乳房Nawa to chibusa) (Jan. 1983)
  • Snake Hole (団鬼六 蛇の穴Dan Oniroku hebi no ana) (Oni Pro / Nikkatsu, Feb. 1983)
  • Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell (団鬼六 美教師地獄責めDan Oniroku: bikyōshi jigoku seme) (Dec. 1985)
  • Snake and Whip (団鬼六 蛇と鞭Dan Oniroku hebi to muchi) (Aug. 1986)
  • Angel To Be Sacrificed (いけにえ天使Ikenie tenshi) (Jan. 1988)


Four of Oniroku Dan‘s stories, originally published in Japanese in 1997, were published in English in 2010 by Vertical, Inc. The collection is titled Season of Infidelity and the stories have “loosely biographical” elements, and the last story Bewitching Bloom is a telling of his (professional) relationship with Naomi Tani, also including notes about three subsequent Nikkatsu “Queens”; Izumi Shima, Junko Mabuki, and Miki Takakura.