International Mr. Bootblack [Edit]

The International Mr. Bootblack competition, also known as IML Bootblack (IML BB), is a bootblacking competition that was added to the International Mr. Leather (IML) program starting in 1993.

There was not originally an International Ms. Bootblack contest separate from International Mr. Bootblack. In 1996 International Ms. Leather 1993 and then-International Ms. Leather owner and producer Amy Marie Meek became the first woman to judge International Mr. Leather, and then and there she got the idea for the International Ms. Bootblack contest. During the International Mr. Leather 1996 judges’ downtime, Amy Marie visited the bootblacking area and watched the International Mr. Bootblack contestants work their stands and collect their ballots. At the time, the International Mr. Bootblack contest was only three years old, and it was the only place where bootblacks in the leather community could compete at the national or international level. International Mr. Bootblack, a 100 percent ballot-based contest, was open to all sexes, and women-identified individuals did compete. However, back in 1996, the International Mr. Leather Weekend and Contests were in the early years of attracting women-identified attendees, let alone International Mr. Bootblack contestants. While all the International Mr. Bootblack contestants had high skills and leather hearts, Amy Marie observed that the overwhelming majority of the men attendees tended to gravitate toward the men-identified bootblack contestants. It was then that she concluded that, so long as the contest was judged by ballot counts alone, it would be a long time before women would have enough visibility (regardless of skills) to actually win the contest. Prior to the International Ms. Leather 1998 Weekend, Amy Marie proposed breaking the International Mr. Bootblack contest into two separate international-level bootblack contests: one for women and one for men. In this scenario, the International Bootblack contest for men would remain a part of the International Mr. Leather Weekend, and the International Bootblack contest for women would become part of the International Ms. Leather Weekend. Chuck Renslow agreed to this revision in the international contest system. The first International Ms. Bootblack title was awarded in 1999.

Year Winner Title or Sponsor Winner’s City and Country
1993 David Morgan DC Eagle Washington, D.C., United States
1994 William Shields, Jr. Chicago Eagle & Chicago Hellfire Club Chicago, United States
1995 Tim Cousins DC Eagle Washington, D.C., United States
1996 Todd Nelson Cuff Complex Seattle, United States
1997 Driller SF Eagle & Daddy’s Bar San Francisco, United States
1998 Matthew Duncan Centaur MC Washington, D.C., United States
1999 Robert Ehrlich DC Eagle Washington, D.C., United States
2000 David Hawks Mid-Atlantic Bootblack 2000 (Centaur MC) Washington, D.C., United States
2001 Paksen Burrell Mid-Atlantic Bootblack 2001 (Centaur MC) Washington, D.C., United States
2002 Michael Lanzini The Lure New York City, United States
2003 Richie Chameroy Daddy’s Bar & Powerhouse Bar San Francisco, United States
2004 Alan Tunstall The Barracks Bar & Avatar Club Los Angeles,  United States
2005 BooBoo Great Lakes Leather Alliance & Laws Leather Cleveland, United States
2006 Benjamin Palmer PumpJack Pub & Priape Vancouver Vancouver, Canada
2007 Spot Great Lakes Leather Alliance Lansing, United States
2008 Bootdog Alameda County Leather Corps Oakland, United States
2009 McG Bootblack Toronto 2009 Toronto, Canada
2010 Tim Starkey Boston Ramrod Boston, United States
2011 Jim Deuder NYC Bootblack Roundtable, The Leather Man NYC & the Eagle NYC New York City, United States
2012 Nick Elliott Oregon State Bootblack, 2011 Portland, United States
2013 Sammy Sklover Oregon State Bootblack, 2012 Portland, United States
2014 Scout Eros SF & the San Francisco Eagle Oakland, United States
2015 Bamm-Bamm International Leatherboy 2012, SF Eagle San Francisco, United States
2016 Erick Joseph Alaska State Bootblack Anchorage, United States
2017 Ryan “Pawlish” Garner-Carpenter Independent Candidate Cincinnati, United States
2018 Lucky Rebel Mr. Oregon State Leather 2016 Portland, United States
2019 Kriszly de Hond Mr. Puppy Europe 2015, XXXLeather’s House Bootblack Zaandam, The Netherlands
2020 (Contest cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic) None None None
2021 (Contest cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic) None None None
2022 Alistair LeatherHiraeth Bootblack Europe 2020 Swansea, The United Kingdom
2023 (Contest cancelled due to staff resignation) None None None