How to Measure Your Waist and Inseam for Leather Pants [Edit]

Measuring your waist for men’s leather pants could also be a touch different than measuring for jeans. clothing, like jeans and slacks, ride lower on most men’s waist. Most motorcycle pants ride slightly higher on your waist, up around your navel, so once you measure your waist for motorcycle pants, you’ll want to measure yourself up higher, slightly below the navel. The exception to this is armored motorcycle jeans which can fit more like regular jeans, during which case you’ll measure slightly lower down.

To measure, the same advice applies to measure for Leather pants like jackets…. 1) measure over the clothes you’d be wearing underneath; 2) Use a cloth tape or alternate material; 3) stand naturally while somebody takes the measurements… don’t suck in or push out… just stand there.

Inseam: Inseam is that the measurement from the crotch seam in pants to the top of the leg. Pick an honest friend to assist. Grab the top of the tape and lightly hold it right where the seams of your pants close slightly below rock bottom of the zipper (the spot where all four seams collide). Then your friend can lightly pull the tape snug to the purpose where you would like rock bottom of your pants to finish. For most, this may be about the ground if you’re barefoot or to the highest of the only of your shoe. You’ll find the inseam measurement you get will probably be an equivalent size as what you normally purchase in jeans. once you wear pants on a motorbike, you’d be during a sitting position, maybe even a crouch if you have a sportbike, and pants tend to ride up when sitting or crouching, so you’ll want to err on the side of longer instead of shorter when checking the inseam.