Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award [Edit]

The Master/slave Conference established the Master/slave Heritage Award in 2009. The award was first presented to Guy Baldwin during the Tribute to MAsT ’99.

Guy Baldwin
Guy Baldwin

Following the presentation of the first award to Mr. Baldwin, the Master/slave Conference (MsC) announced that the award would bear his name.

Since then, The Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award have been presented to individuals who have contributed to the advance of the Master/slave consensual relationships.

Baldwin is an icon of the Leather Community and a well-known psychotherapist based in Los Angeles, California. He held the title of International Mr. Leather 1989. He is also a national speaker and writer and the author of SlaveCraft and Ties than Bind.

The award is granted every year during the Master/slave Conference (MsC), which is an annual conference held in the Washington, DC area. MsC is produced by MTTA, Inc., a non-profit educational organization to advance M/s relationships.


2023 – Tomo, Placerville, California

2022 – Sir Stephen, Monroe Township, New Jersey

2019 – Master Taíno, Springfield, Virginia

2018 – Master Bert Cutler, Phoenix, Arizona

2017 – Master Skip Chasey and slave Rick (Levine), Los Angeles, California

2016 – slave david stein, New York, New York

2015 – Lady Lynette (Posthumously)

2014 – Master Z, Dallas, Texas

2013 – Master Alex Keppeler, Jackson, Michigan

2012 –Viola Johnson, Evansville, Indiana

2011 – Master Jim and slave marsha, Houston, Texas

2010 – Master Steve and the Butchmanns Family

2009 – Master Roger Curtman, Atlanta, Georgia

2009 – Guy Baldwin, Los Angeles, California